HouseATL is committed to protecting your privacy.

When visiting our website, HouseATL receives standard tracking data, including IP address, pages visited, length of time spent on our site and files downloaded; however no personal information is collected during the tracking process.

When visiting our website, you may choose certain actions such as requesting more information about our work; signing up to receive a newsletter; obtaining more information about career opportunities; or signing up for membership. When you engage in these activities, you provide certain Personally Identifiable Information, or information that is specific to you as an individual, like your name, email address, and telephone number. We collect and store this Personally Identifiable Information, any updates to such information that you send us, and any modifications that we make to such information. Our policy is to not reveal any such Personally Identifiable Information to any third party without your consent.

The HouseATL provides links to external websites from our website. Unless we expressly state otherwise, HouseATL makes no representations whatsoever concerning the content or privacy policies of those sites.

If you enter your email address, sign up to receive news from HouseATL or become an HouseATL member, your information will be entered into our database. You have the option of unsubscribing at any time should you no longer wish to receive communication.

This Statement of Privacy applies to HouseATL website and governs data collection and usage.