Wykeisha Howe

Co-Founder, Parent Avengers

Wykeisha Howe is a unique parent and community activist. Wykeisha managed to use her lived experience to support parents in her community through a grassroots organization called Official Paren Avengers, focusing on everyday families becoming more engaged in their community and becoming self-sufficient.

A super volunteer serving over 12 years in volunteer services within the public library and the last 9 years in the local schools. Adding to that, Wykeisha is engaged in her Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) serving as Sergeant of Arms and on the Education Committee as chair and vice chair.

Wykeisha’s mission is to increase community engagement in the City of Atlanta communities.

This experience leads her to create the Respect Cascade initiative, which brings awareness to street safety near and around schools. Wykeisha created Atlanta Parent Alliance to focus on accountability around health, housing, transportation, education, public safety, and clean energy.

Wykeisha Howe