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Based on review of the need, affordable housing production in recent years, and capacity, we identified a goal of 3,000 units annually through new production and preservation over the next 8 years. We expect this will meaningfully address the expected annual loss going forward of ~1,500 affordable homes and make a meaningful dent in the existing deficit.

The recommendations coming out of HouseATL seek to address how we meet our goal to produce or preserve 3,000 units annually. This will require 1) A $1B investment over 8-10 years 2) A focus on community retention to prioritize the community to invest without displacement 3) Working together within and across sectors to coordinate and collaborate and 4) Educate and engage stakeholders and residents. These recommendations are outlined on the ‘recommendations’ tab above.

HouseATL’s progress and priorities through early 2019:

  • Launched (September 2018)
  • Terri M. Lee was appointed Chief Housing Officer on October 16, 2018.
  • The Funders’ Collective being led by Enterprise Community Partners and the Blank Foundation is in formation.
  • The taskforce is now pivoting to implementation by forming key working groups that will advance recommendations by: 1) Empowering Atlantans through education and engagement 2) Launching a comprehensive anti-displacement program and 3) Establishing the Funders Collective
  • Reconvene full taskforce in January 2019

Taskforce Recommendations

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